Nominated for a 2019 International Classical Music Award

Susanna just released “A Lost World” with bass Shenyang and pianist Brian Zeger, with recording engineer Adam Abeshouse. A compilation of Schubert lieder with texts of Greek Myths. Some familiar, some less so, each song conveys a different part of the classical world. Brian Zeger curated the repertoire for a performance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to collaborate with an exhibit on the Lost World of Pergamon (in modern day Turkey). What a pleasure it was to collaborate with these two extraordinary artists!

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Rafael de Acha

Neither Ganymede nor perhaps Elysium are all that rare. They are sung here with delicacy and limpidity by soprano Susanna Phillips with the ever flexible and supportive Brian Zeger at the piano, providing  a welcome relief from the ponderousness and unremittingly somber moods of most of the other selections on the CD, even when sung impressively by bass-baritone Shenyang.

Odious as comparisons can be, I unhesitatingly place Ms. Phillips rendition of these two Schubert songs in the company of the similarly-voiced Ely Ameling and Barbara Bonney. Phillips’ honestly uncomplicated vocalism brings the poetry of Schiller and Goethe to life in flawless German…

Works on This Recording

  1. Die Götter Griechenlands, D 677 by Franz Schubert  
    Written: 1819; Vienna, Austria 

  2. Hektors Abschied, D 312/Op. 58 no 1 by Franz Schubert 
    Written: 1815; Vienna, Austria 

  3. Der entsühnte Orest, D 699 by Franz Schubert  
    Written: 1820; Vienna, Austria 

  4. Iphigenia, D 573/Op. 98 no 3 by Franz Schubert  
    Written: 1817; Vienna, Austria 

  5. Antigone und Oedip, D 542/Op. 6 no 2 by Franz Schubert  
    Written: 1817 

  6. Gruppe aus dem Tartarus, D 583/Op. 24 no 1 by Franz Schubert 
    Written: 1817; Vienna, Austria 

  7. Fahrt zum Hades, D 526 by Franz Schubert  
    Written: 1817; Vienna, Austria 

  8. Elysium, D 584 by Franz Schubert  
    Written: 1817; Vienna, Austria 

  9. An Schwager Kronos, D 369/Op. 19 no 1 by Franz Schubert  
    Written: 1816; Vienna, Austria 

  10. Ganymed, D 544/Op. 19 no 3 by Franz Schubert  
    Written: 1817; Vienna, Austria 

  11. Prometheus, D 674 by Franz Schubert  
    Written: 1819; Vienna, Austria 

  12. Lied eines Schiffers an die Dioskuren, D 360/Op. 65 no 1 by Franz Schubert  
    Written: 1816; Vienna, Austria 

  13. Grenzen der Menschheit, D 716 by Franz Schubert  
    Written: 1821; Vienna, Austria 

  14. Der zürnenden Diana, D 707 by Franz Schubert  
    Written: 1820; Vienna, Austria 

Macon Phillips